A small clinic registered under the name of Medi Clinic opened its doors in Male’ in 1987 with a great aspiration to succeed, and to be the best in the business. This marked the beginning of the ADK Group of Companies.

ADK Trade and Shipping Pvt. Ltd. registered on 13th March 2007 with the Registration No. C-239/2007, comprise an integral part of the ADK Group today.



ADK TRADE & SHIPPING PVT LTD is one of the most recent additions to ADK group of companies. Under the main company ADK Enterprises, ADK TRADE & SHIPPING provides a number of products and services that serve diverse markets including medical equipment, logistics and Cargo Shipping.


Our Mission.

Provide reliable and outstanding services to our customers at the highest quality without compromise.

Be a reliable partner in serving a diverse market.

Establish long term relationships with all stakeholders for mutual benefit.

Our Vision.

ADK Trade & Shipping aspires to be the leading service provider in the Maldives in a diverse market.


The newest additions to our fleet are the ocean going tug boat, “Raadhafathi” and cargo boat “Singasanaa”. Both these vessels are classified under the RINA Class.  These vessels will be routed between Male’ and India, primarily transporting construction materials such as boulders, cement, sand aggregate etc.



  Since 2009, the Company has been engaged in the provision of logistical services for our clients, both within the country and overseas.  In recent years, our landing crafts have delivered heavy machinery and equipment to remote islands and resorts undergoing construction and/or land reclamation.

At present, the company has two Landing Craft tanks and a Supply Dhoani at its disposal for logistical operations.


Medical Equipment

 Provision of project management in the field of healthcare, consultancy services in the installation and maintenance of medical equipment and healthcare infrastructure have been the mainstay of our focus over the years. ADK Trade & Shipping is also a major supplier of medical equipment and consumables to the hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Maldives. The company has the capacity to install, maintain and provide after sales services in any part of the country.

 ADK Trade & Shipping is also the national representative in the Maldives for a number of internationally renowned brands of medical and diagnostic products, providing nationwide sales and distribution facilities for a variety of well-known brands of medical consumables.